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Many boomers and students of the Generation X chose to take some time off after their graduation, in order to travel the world. For them, it was an opportunity to understand how the world functioned in other cultures, but also to understand themselves better, as they left home alone for the first time in their lives. Some students today are also looking at this option, once they will have completed their final exams. In this article we will present the benefits of such a decision.

Opening the Mind to Other Visions of Life

When you have never traveled abroad, all you know of the world is what you have seen in the news, in documentaries or that you have read in books. Although any learning is good learning, nothing can equal living and first-hand experience. Even if the destination that a student chooses is part of the Western world, he will soon discover that there are important differences between countries and cultures. And since that person spent the last few years of his life getting ready to start his professional life, it may be interesting to understand that there are many different ways to balance work and personal life, before he actually starts working full-time.

The choice of the destinations that they will visit is very important for those who decide to take some time off to see the world. Experiencing life in the UK or in Dubai will not provide the same results, although both will help to open up the student’s mind to other visions of life. The first step for those who wish to travel before starting to work should be to search for the destinations that will respond best to what they desire to accomplish during these travelling months. It is also possible to select a single initial drop point and to go from there, afterwards. Wherever this may be, it will help to bring a Petit Futé guide along, in order to find the best deals in terms of accommodations and food, as well as to all the sites and museums that should be part of their itinerary and activities to add to the to-do list.

Creating Life-Long Friendships

As strange as it may seem, those who have done it before will confirm that there is no better way to build long-term relationships than on the road. The bonds that are created while travelling tend to be stronger. It can be explained by the fact that these friendships are only for a few days, weeks or months, which means that there is no time to find out about the other side of the individual that is encountered, but there is also a desire to keep something alive through time.

It often turns out that one of the people met during that trip will help the student out later in life (or vice versa), or will become one of the first contacts in the network that he will start to build after school. Some of the backpackers from the past even ended up finding love on the road, and that person accompanied them throughout the rest of their days, building a family together. One way or another, it pushes the student to open up to others, in order to find solutions wherever they find themselves in the world. And what they quickly learn is that in life you need to be able to count on others and be there for them as well, whenever they need you.

A Good Addition to a CV

Some students are worried that postponing their entry into the workforce will play against them. They imagine that it can affect their career negatively. But in truth, the addition of personal experience gained by traveling around the world is something that recruiters often look for. That is because what freshly graduated students miss the most is experience of any kind. Something that a few months on the road can certainly change, as the student needs to fend for himself and to find solutions in real-life situations.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing to travel the world after graduation can only be a good experience if the person doing it actually desires to leave for a while. Pressing a child into such an adventure is not something a parent should do. If that is your case as a student, and you don’t want to go through with it, you should definitely say no. Otherwise, enjoy your travels!

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