The Times Travel section has recently published an online article which promotes Tutors International as specialists in providing private tuition for families wishing to travel together

OXFORD, England, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tutors International, the private tutoring company” class=”link “>prestigious private tutoring company which specialises in matching the perfect tutor to their Clients’ families, has recently featured in an online article in the Times Travel section entitled: ‘Break like a boss: top 10 getaway ideas’. Described as a: ‘…high-end agency specialising in supplying clientele with travelling tutors..’, the article highlights the company’s unique ability to cater for families who would like their family to accompany them on extended travel trips, pronouncing them as : “…the go-to provider of private, residential tutors who’ll travel with you wherever you go”.

"Private travelling tuition is not just keeping up with the curriculum back home in school, but making the most of the unique, diverse experiences while travelling". (PRNewsfoto/Tutors International)

“Private travelling tuition is not just keeping up with the curriculum back home in school, but making the most of the unique, diverse experiences while travelling”. (PRNewsfoto/Tutors International)

High-End Tuition That Travels With You

Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of Tutors International, commented:

“Education while travelling is very important – so important that many families don’t make the most of the opportunities available to them for fear of disrupting their children’s school education. Private travelling tuition is not just keeping up with the curriculum back home in school, but making the most of the unique, diverse experiences while travelling.”

“Families are beginning to realise the possibilities open to them in terms of remote working, sabbaticals, and taking children out of school for extended periods of time. Employing a full-time travelling tutor to accompany the family means that not only are studies uninterrupted, but children – and their parents – get the very best out of their trip, with a deeper understanding of the geography, language, history and culture of the places they visit, about sustainable, responsible travel, and fundamental skills for living in the wider world.”

Mr Caller continued by saying that many of his Clients have second or third homes in other countries and value the fact that a travelling private tutor means that the family can be together more:

Our Clients are delighted that employing a private travelling tutor enables the family to visit them more often whilst also enabling their children to benefit from the whole travel experience. Parents no longer have to plan their extended trips around school holidays, nor do they need to wait until their children leave school”.

In addition to this, Mr Caller explained how a full-time travelling tutor can often be the key to nurturing a child’s vocational goals alongside an exceptional academic education:

“Many young people will have pursuits and talents outside of the mainstream curriculum such as the performing arts and sports which necessitate having to travel frequently. Having a private tutor who can travel with them means they are now able to make the most of their talents without worrying about fitting their studies around a school timetable”.

Travelling Tutors Not Just for Super-Rich

Mr Caller confirmed that historically, the majority of the company’s Clients have had a net worth of $100 million upwards and tutors often travelled between homes with families as part of their entourage. However, during the pandemic, his Client base doubled as he started receiving enquiries from those who might have a second home but no yacht:

There are more families who are wealthy but not moguls; surgeons, venture capitalists and CEOs who founded a business and then sold it for $5 [million] or $10 million,” Mr. Caller said. “They have money, and they want to travel with the children, and this is what they’re willing to spend it on.”

Mr Caller confirmed that tutors and students are often in regular contact with the children’s school, and formal classroom study still accompanies activity-based learning. A travel tutor can devise a personalised programme of study ahead of the trip that combines curricula and materials from school with additional opportunities that new countries and activities present.

In short..,” said Mr Caller, “…private tuition is opening doors for parents and children to relocate, travel, and explore the world.”

Sea Tutors – On-Board Private Tutoring

As well as providing tutors who travel with families on their journeys around the world, Tutors International recognised the fact that some UHNW families were keen to travel the world on their yachts . In 2015, with the aim of filling this specialist niche in the private tutoring market, they launched Sea Tutors. Sea Tutors prides itself on its ability to provide high-quality, full-time private tutoring to families on board yachts. Mr Caller explains:

“The traditional curriculum may no longer be relevant in a rapidly changing world. Having a private tutor on board opens doors to both world-class education and unforgettable adventures, whilst at the same time ensuring that there is academic structure and continuity for the child whilst away from school.”

Finding the Perfect On Board Tutor
Sea Tutors is committed to providing high-end tuition to suit the lifestyle of each of their Clients. Mr Caller is conscious of the fact that every family and child is unique:

“We offer a completely tailored recruitment process and hire only those who have trained professionally as teachers. The expectation is that tutors on yachts will be thoroughly committed, hardworking and professional educators”.

To this end, the company conducts a custom global search for each Client enquiry to ensure that they find not only a world-class tutor, but one that matches the attitudes, values, ideas and specific needs of that family and their child(ren).

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