The duo behind Tour Atlas have launched TravelCMS, the first low-cost, hassle-free, low-maintenance white-label website for travel agencies.

Having successfully established Tour Atlas’s white-label tour search engine, the only online tour directory designed and built for travel advisors, co-founders Greg and Alex Obleshchuk have developed their latest offering to meet the needs of the modern-day travel agency. 

With requests for additional features pouring in, the duo responded by developing TravelCMS. 

“In my role as Tour Atlas co-founder, marketer and trainer, I’ve looked at a lot of agency websites that were out of date and didn’t have the content to capture today’s tech-savvy traveller,” co-founder, TravelCMS, Alex Obleshchuk, said. 

“We knew we had a proven track record with building and running a white-label tour search engine for travel agencies, so expanding that into a comprehensive content management system is a natural extension of our offering to the industry.”

TravelCMS is ideal for travel agencies who want to engage their clients but don’t have the time or money to employ expensive developers and web designers who often blow out budgets.

TravelCMS will move travel agencies towards creating a hybrid agency that combines a great website and online presence with lots of content and the personalised service and expertise that only a travel agent can offer.

The TravelCMS system gives agencies a website packed full of the functionality they need and is quick to set up, it can be up and running within days, not months.

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