Travel Oregon partnered with the state’s nine federally recognized tribes to create the “Travel Guide to Oregon Indian Country.” The guide features descriptions and locations of tribal museums, events and activities open to the public throughout the state.

“We really kind of dove into this with both feet and wanted to really emphasize tribal tourism in the state of Oregon,” said Travis Hill, the chief operating officer for the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation.

The guide builds upon previous work from Travel Oregon that was published about 17 years ago. The agency wanted to reaffirm its collaboration with the tribes.

“We really felt like there was a voice missing from the work that we were doing at Travel Oregon,” said Lisa Itel, the agency’s director of Global Strategic Partnerships. “We wanted to have this guide to share with visitors and Oregonians alike that tribes are here and thriving in Oregon, and actively playing a role in the economic development and sustainability of Oregon.”

Itel hopes the guide is just one part of a larger partnership, and that the tribes and the agency can collaborate on more projects moving forward.

The guide also provides context and history for each of the tribes.

“It’s such a resource for the visitor and resident alike,” said Lucinda DiNovo, the director of sales at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park . “They can learn about the museums or cultural exhibits or cultural events. And so I think that’s what’s most rewarding to me, there is a guide that can really direct people to learn more about the tribes.”

The guide can be found here.

Travis Hill, Lisa Itel and Lucinda DiNovo spoke to “Think Out Loud” host Dave Miller. Click play to listen to the full conversation:

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