As Valentine’s Day approaches, the air is not just filled with love but also the anticipation of the perfect gift for those bitten by the travel bug. If your significant other dreams in hues of wanderlust, then you’re in the right place. This curated guide that celebrates love through the lens of travel, features the best red and pink travel accessories that are as practical as they are passionate.

Red, the color of passion and adventure, ignites a sense of excitement and boldness in your travels. Pink, with its soft and dreamy hues, adds a touch of whimsy and romance to your journey. Together, they’re a dynamic duo, perfectly embodying the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

So, what should you get? Well, these are the 10 best red and pink travel accessories.

The brand’s signature case is designed to hold the maximum amount that’s allowed as a carry-on making it an extremely practical gift for the frequent traveler. It also has an ejectable battery that is approved for flying across all major airlines. And it comes in a chic pink hue that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Available at for $295.

Need something smaller for when your loved one gets to a destination? This crossbody bag in pink is the perfect blend of useful and chic as it easily transitions from day to night. Plus, it’s made with earth-friendly vegan apple leather. So, you’re doing good too. Available on for $145.

Who doesn’t need packing cubes? Well, these ones are adorable and made of lightweight, water-resistant Negative Nylon. You get a set of four in a bold red and can also personalize it with your loved one’s initials. Available on for $65.

Place your tiny must-haves into the internal pockets, then simply roll it up and fasten it with the leather tie for streamlined organization while traveling. For a thoughtful present, choose to have their initials elegantly stamped in colorful foil. Alternatively, you can select blind debossing, which embosses the leather with a touch of texture, maintaining its colorless elegance. Available on for $49.

Sometimes simple is the way to go. These luggage tags are just a little something to say you love that your significant other loves traveling. Now, every time they check a bag, they’ll think of you. Available on Amazon for $12.

Again, another little something special for the travel lover you love. This accessory—featuring an adorable heart design—easily secures your personal bag to your wheeled luggage. You can also pair it with a belt buddy that says “Love is in the Air.” Available on for $39.99.

This luxe passport holder does more than hold a passport. It also has room for a folded boarding pass, four cards, cash, and receipts. It’s compact and sleek…and red! All that’s left to do is pick a destination. Available on for $70.

This hanging toiletry bag is designed with a water-resistant lining, a foldable hanging hook, and a secure buckle closure. It also includes an innovative exterior toothbrush holder, ensuring your bathroom essentials stay clean, dry, and conveniently within reach. Bonus: it comes in red and pink. Available on for $56.

Voted as one of the best travel pillows, the product is perfect for helping your loved one get a good night’s sleep on the plane. Better yet, it collapses down into the size of a coffee mug. So, it’s one of the most convenient travel pillows too. It really shows you care. Available on for $48.

The Expandable and Foldable Duffle Bag is an excellent gift for travelers, offering incredible versatility and convenience. Easily transformable from a compact tote to a spacious weekend or gym bag, it’s ideal for various travel needs, from overnight stays to day trips. It features a unique shoe compartment for wet/dry separation, multiple organizational pockets, and a handy luggage sleeve for easy airport navigation. Available on for $39.99

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