A celebrity gossip Instagram account is spilling the tea once again, asking hotel workers to share the weirdest room requests stars made before checking in.

The replies are anonymous and unverified, but there was a common thread among respondents with several appearing to identify recurring requests from A-listers to have hotel rooms redecorated, even if they’re just staying for a few days.

“Lady Gaga had all the hotel furniture stripped and replaced before she arrived,” one anonymous follower told the @deuxmoi account.

“Disney World: Mariah Carey made them re-do the suite at Grand Flo to be all white,” claimed another.

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“JLo wanting her room painted while she was there for one day; she didn’t like the colour,” another said. There were several Jennifer Lopez entries, one claiming the star also has “a thing about being on the 14th floor of hotels”.

“Madonna demands blackout everything – even the little light on the smoke detector,” another follower claimed.

John Travolta was also outed for allegedly having specific hotel room requests.

“We needed to duct tape blinds so it was 100 per cent darkness,” one person wrote.

One anonymous respondent claimed Kevin Spacey allegedly requested “a dog bowl, but didn’t have a dog”.

In terms of wild parties, a few celebrity tips took the cake.

“(Rapper) Pitbull, 12 red solo cups, cutting board with knife and limes. Those cups do hit different,” one person said.

“I worked at a hotel years ago and Rihanna left behind a whip, (nipple) pasties and glitter in the (bathtub),” another said.

“Usher flooded a hotel in Cbus years ago. Passed out with the tub running. Gave floor seats to say sorry,” said another.

One tipster claimed Beyonce wanted her room kept to “an exact temperature – never higher or lower by even a degree”.

And one anonymous respondent shared an amusing claim about Brad Pitt, saying the star was known for “requesting his own movies and watching them”.

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