DELMARVA – Do you have a big vacation coming up? Before you head out, local law enforcement officials have some tips to make sure you come back to your home the same way you left it.

Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli says his office sees quite an uptick in calls in the summer for home burglaries and motor thefts.

To make sure you don’t fall victim, he says homeowners should focus on hardening the target. You can do that by making sure all doors and windows are locked, installing a security system, and keeping your home well lit.

If you live in the county limits, Sheriff Crisafulli says residents can also place their homes on a premise checklist while they’re away.  “You can let us know which vehicles should be on your property, potentially what vehicles shouldn’t be on your property, and you can give other characteristics for the officer to look out for at your home. If any of those characteristics are out of place, they will get out of their vehicles and do a property check. They will also contact the homeowners,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

Sheriff Crisafulli also advises letting a neighbor or someone you trust know when you’re leaving and when you plan to come back to have an extra pair of eyes on your home.

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