Sharing your live location on social media while on vacation lets a criminal know you are not at home.

My friend Mary was on vacation in Rome with her 14-year-old daughter. During their visit, they stopped to take some selfies. Spotting their struggle to fit themselves and the grandeur of the backdrop in the frame, a seemingly kind stranger – a man in his 30s – offered to take their picture.

Mary punched in her PIN to unlock her iPhone and handed it over. To her absolute horror, this supposed Good Samaritan turned out to be a thief. He snatched her phone and ran away, leaving Mary and her daughter dumbstruck. Her iPhone was gone, and the thief had her PIN.

That’s far from the only way a cybercriminal or in-real-life schemer can ruin your trip. Before you board the plane or hop in the car, read these tips to stay safe on your next vacation.

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