It’s important to know the different fast travel methods in Starfield. Given that there are numerous star systems and planets to visit, you’ll definitely explore the far reaches of the galaxy. There’s surprisingly a few ways to fast travel, and a few things to consider when using these methods. Our guide discusses the methods that you can use in the game.

How to fast travel in Starfield

The Starfield fast travel methods can be categorized into two types: local planet and star system grav jumps. The mechanic itself is unlocked early in the game, specifically once you need to do a mission on a planet called Kreet. However, more options open up when you arrive at New Atlantis, the capital of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Fast travel while on a planet

To fast travel in Starfield, all you need to do is open the menu and select the map in the upper-left section of the screen. The first map view shows the general points of interest on a planet or moon. Simply select a landmark, a landing area, or your ship to go to that location. It’s worth noting that this won’t work if you’re in combat, if you’re over-encumbered, or if inside another facility/area (i.e. a cave within a base).

In the image below, you can see that there are six fast travel spots in New Atlantis: the docking area, commercial district, residential district, MAST district, the Lodge, and your ship. If you back out of that selection group, you could see other outposts. Moreover, you can pick any area of the planet so you can land there quickly (as long as it’s not on water).

There are multiple fast travel points in the city of New Atlantis and the planet of Jemison.
There are multiple fast travel points in the city of New Atlantis and the planet of Jemison.

How to reach other star systems via grav jumps

The other Starfield fast travel method involves heading to other star systems. As usual, you’ll open your map, and then back out until you see the galaxy view (i.e. star map). This lets you choose a different star system to go to. However, take note that you can only head directly to a star system if you’ve already discovered the path/node that it’s connected to.

Similarly, the distance is affected by your ship’s fuel and grav drive. Also, there may be instances when you’d have to do multiple jumps instead. You can learn more in our ship upgrades and modifications guide.


Left: The galaxy view or star map shows connected paths when planning your grav jumps; Right: You need to allocate power to the grav drive before your ship can jump to another system.

Likewise, heading to another star system requires you to do a grav jump. Here are some additional fast travel tips:

  • If you’re in orbit, you have to allocate power (i.e. the little pips) to the grav drive (i.e. GRV) in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • This might also require you to decrease the power allocated to other systems, such as weapons, engines, or shields.
  • The more power you allocate, the less time you need before the grav jump kicks in. For instance, with +3 power, the jump will occur after a four-second countdown.
  • This action can be done while you’re in combat. In fact, this is almost a given if you end up getting attacked upon reaching another planet, and it’s unlikely that you’d be able to defeat enemy forces.
  • If you’re ready to fast travel to your active quest, you can “set course” and fast travel to the right star system (or docking station if you’re on the right planet already) instantly with the click of one button in the pause menu. On Xbox controllers, this button is X by default.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.

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