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Mon, July 10, 2023

Front Row

As a member of the Hard Rock family, Hard Rock Hotel Bali paid homage to the start of the clan on its momentous Founders Day, celebrated annually on June 14. To honor how far it has come and the important milestone, Hard Rock Hotel Bali celebrated the day by giving back to the community that it’s surrounded itself with; the locals of the Island of the Gods.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali organized a series of activities that were inspired by the four mottos of its founders; Save The Planet, Take Time to be Kind, All is One and Love All Serve All. As part of these activities, the hotel team released 300 sea turtle hatchlings and carried out house renovations for underprivileged elderly in the Buleleng regency.

The first initiative, for the turtles, were done on June 13 at the local Kuta Beach, just steps away from the hotel. The event was open to all and was attended by 34 band members and nearly 200 hotel guests, including children. The hotel ensured that the activity to save the turtles could be one that everyone can participate in, to raise awareness on the importance of the creature and the vital role its plays in preserving the health of ecosystems.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center (KBSTCC), a local community-based conservation institution that works toward the protection of sea turtles residing along the Bali shoreline. Under the guidance of the Bali Sea Turtle Society, a non-profit and non-government organization founded in 2011, the objective of the turtle conservation program is to safeguard turtles that have laid their eggs on the beach. The attendees had the opportunity to assist the relocating of eggs to a safer nesting site and releasing the turtles into the ocean once the eggs have hatched.

Sea turtles plays an essential role to maintain a balanced food web in the ocean. The negative impact of poaching and overexploitation of sea turtle populations is leading to a decline in ocean ecosystems. It has been estimated that only one in every 1,000 hatchlings survive to adulthood. Hard Rock Hotel Bali has made a commitment to include this initiative in its annual agenda with the aim that it can contribute toward preserving the majestic sea turtle in its natural habitat for future generations.

Parallel to the hotel’s dedication to saving the animal kingdom, they also have a passion to help the local communities that surrounds them. On June 22, representatives from Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Yayasan Relawan Bali visited the home of Nyoman Repin, an underprivileged elderly resident of Sukasada village, Buleleng regency. The donation fund was generated from the proceeds of ticket sales at the Centerstage Live charity concert featuring Lolot & Navicula held previously on May 31.

Nyoman and his family is one of several Buleleng residents that were given financial support for the renovation of their house as the house is no longer comfortably inhabitable. In collaboration with Yayasan Relawan Bali, a foundation that focuses on humanitarian activities founded in 2005, Hard Rock Hotel Bali plans to offer Nyoman’s house with essential repairs, including roof replacement and  the renovation of walls, windows as well as doors.

“These events were truly unforgettable and demonstrated Hard Rock’s dedication to supporting local communities and preserving the environment of our planet. Through Yayasan Relawan Bali and the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center, we are able to cultivate a collaborative culture that allows us to work together efficiently and make a greater impact on the lives of others as well as the environment,” said Shane Coates, general manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

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