Sure, Drake is reported to have collaborated with drake-jay-z-skrillex-1235116528/”>Queen Bey on her new Renaissance album, but his relationship with actual bees isn’t so sweet. The Grammy-winning rapper, who recently dropped his seventh studio album, Honestly, Nevermind, was on vacation in St. Tropez, France, earlier in July when a buzzing bee disrupted his meal at a local beach club.

Nick Sorrillo, who was in attendance at the same club, filmed Drake’s interaction with the bee and uploaded it to Instagram where it quickly went viral. As seen in the video, Drake ducked and dodged the flying insect, while two people from his crew tried to swatting at it with napkins. It’s unclear if they were successful in shooing the bee away.

Regardless, the stand-off between Drake and the bee gives a whole new meaning to Muhammad Ali’s quote, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” In Drake’s case, it’s more dodging and ducking than floating and stinging.

So how is Drake feeling about his feud with a flying insect? A Drake fan account, @drizzy_drake_vids, re-shared the video on Instagram where Drake commented, “I hate bees on god.”

As for why Drake is in Europe, he’s reportedly spending time in the French Riviera with model and YouTuber Suede Brooks. tropez-trip-source-says-187705″>According to ET Online, the Grammy winner was yacht-hopping with Brooks in St. Tropez, though they’re reportedly just started getting to know each other.

So there you have it. Drake is doubling down on his dislike for that bee while trying to enjoy his summer. I’ll be waiting for the bee in question to hold a press conference and address the kerfuffle. Something tells me a diss-track from Drake maybe be in our future too.

Call it “The Secret LIES of Bees.”

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