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The restrictive nature of traditional work models has made people sacrifice their travel dreams to earn a living. Now, the digital nomad lifestyle has gone mainstream as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized, making it possible for people to see the world and experience new cultures while making a living.

One such globetrotter is Justin Gonzalez, a software developer, freelancer, digital nomad, and founder of Just In Travel. This year, Justin has worked in and explored ten countries – Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Taiwan. By putting down temporary roots in these countries, Justin has explored some of the most beautiful places on the planet while still working as a Software Developer and running his Etsy Store.

With over 80% of digital nomads saying they are highly satisfied with their jobs, compared to 59% of traditional workers, the full-time nomadism trend has proved good news for worker happiness. Just In Travel offers an insider’s look at full-time nomadism for first-time and seasoned travelers, allowing them to discover and connect with digital nomad communities worldwide. But Just In Travel’s travel guides are more than just a series of tips and expert insight into the digital nomad lifestyle. They are a testament to Justin’s incredible experiences as a digital nomad who has lived abroad for a year. 

Through detailed documentation of his experiences shared as comprehensive travel guides on Just In Travel, Justin helps people understand the nomadic lifestyle while sharing his captivating travel experiences. He offers insight into digital nomadism, making his site an excellent resource for people looking to leap into the digital nomad lifestyle.

Having worked a traditional 9 to 5 job, Justin understands the longing for nomadic bliss and appeals to those interested in embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. He shares that incredible adventures and inspiration await those who take the leap. And for those who don’t know how to begin, Just In Travel provides practical guides on living abroad as a digital nomad to help people embark on unforgettable trips.

Just In Travel calls on freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and everyone in between to embrace the growing digital nomad lifestyle as it provides the gateway to enjoying work and life. 

Visit Just In Travel to experience the marvel of being a digital nomad through Justin’s adventures and guides.

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