Fans of Deliver Us The Moon no longer have to wait to get back to the grind, thanks to the recently released Deliver Us Mars sci-fi adventure hitting our screens and consoles with a bang. This time, players take on another space adventure across the giant Red Planet, attempting to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious organization Outward. The game features an immersive astronaut experience packed with neat puzzles, close-to-home storytelling, and deep exploration of inhospitable Mars. 

Without some level of know-how on how to complete Deliver Us Mars, it can be pretty easy to get lost amidst the twists and turns of the story, the new mechanics of the game, or what the point of it all is. There are also some crucial gameplay elements that all Deliver Us Mars players need to know before diving into the high-stakes mission to save Earth from dying. So, if you’re ready to teleport to Earth in 2068, here are Deliver Us Mars best tips for beginners that you should know.

5. Holograms, Say What?

Deliver Us Mars: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot wait for in the future, it’s hologram technology. No more playing guessing games on how exactly a person feels while messaging you. Are they even where they say they are? Video calls can only do so much. Relationship struggles aside; holograms are a big deal in Deliver Us Mars, so try not to skip them over.

Essentially, Deliver Us Mars has various holograms littered all over the red planet. Each one offers a glimpse into the past, and a better understanding of the future. Since there are quite a few hidden throughout Mars, you’ll need to scout all over the open-world to collect all the ones available.

Do note that collecting holograms, in and of itself, is a puzzle challenge. For starters, you’ll need to find the hologram, then decrypt it at the right spot to see the memories of A.S.E.’s for that location. Your effort doesn’t go unnoticed, though. Once you collect all the holograms, you’ll be able to unlock the “Cinephile” and “Take a Look” trophies. Not to mention the juicy story fillers that help give you perspective on the story via projecting a past event. 

In total, there are 16 holograms, so go on now, get hunting. Do note that you won’t see the holograms with the naked eye. Instead, you should use your companion A.S.E. robot called AYLA to move around the area until they find the correct position and decrypt the hologram for you.

4. AstroTalks, Too

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While you’re scouting for the holograms, remember to collect all the AstroTalks too. These are chat logs from the AstroTalk cloud that also give insight into the thoughts and lives of the Martian colonists. Think of them like text messages or snippets of conversation, and that you’re essentially snooping around for information on how they approached Martian life before you. 

There are 17 AstroTalks, so make sure to collect each one the moment you see a glow with an orange light and hear a distinctive ping afterward. While Holograms and AstroTalks act as story fillers, you may also look out for other collectibles like scannable objects and comics. 

For scannable objects, they don’t necessarily offer any insight into the lore of Deliver Us Mars. Instead, they’re “objects of interest,” like a  globe, an engine, or debris, that you’ll need to find and, well, scan all 32 of to earn the “Chronicler” trophy. Comics, too, don’t offer any insight into the lore of Deliver Us Mars. However, collecting them does earn you the “The Beginning of the Beautiful” and “Pannagraphist” trophies.

3. The Glue That Holds Us Together


Deliver Us Mars offers quite a riveting, immersive astronaut experience, and for the most part, it’s due to the main story. Particularly, the interpersonal relationships that sprout in Deliver Us The Moon, and bloom into real-life scenarios in the sequel. 

With that said, it wouldn’t make sense to play Deliver Us Mars without having a special focus on how the story unfolds. The more you learn about the story, the more discerning what the right thing to do becomes.

If not for the drama, you may just want to stick to the story to collect all collectibles, complete all tasks, and, consequently, earn all trophies, including the time-limited ones attached to certain tasks.

2. Hop, Skip, and Jump

Each chapter has something to offer. Beyond serving as a step-by-step adventure that guides you through a series of puzzles, tasks, and an, overall, dangerous space adventure, each chapter is littered with collectibles, certain actions, time-limited trophies for certain tasks, and major parts of the story you wouldn’t want to miss. 

But, if by any chance you realize you rushed through the game, feel free to replay any chapter you like. The Deliver Us Mars hop, skip, and jump feature is called “Chapter Select.” It allows you to select any chapter you’d like to revisit. That way, you can collect any collectibles and earn any trophies you might have missed. If the chapter seems familiar, or repetitive, you can always skip the dialogue or cut scenes if you like. 

Since Deliver Us Mars saves your progress automatically any time you pick up a new collectible, so you’re free to return to the main menu at any time and select any chapter you’d like to go over again.

1. Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat

Getting the hang of Deliver Us Mars can take some time. Especially with the new traversal mechanic of using pick axes to scale up walls, cliffs, and space ships. But exploring each crevice, getting a lay of the land, and holding your guard down till the end of the story profiles pays off. 

Deliver Us Mars’ gameplay focuses on finding all 76 collectibles. Once you find each one, you’ll have automatically completed all eight story profiles in the main game. Let us know how it goes!


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Deliver Us Mars best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Do let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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