Perth County Tourism is looking for input on how to enhance cycling experiences in the area for tourists and residents.

Tourism Officer, Ashley Lansink, says they want to hear from anyone interested in local cycling.

“We have a consulting team on with us right now to help us build our Cycle Tourism Program, but we really want the input and the feedback from local cyclists and local stakeholders. So if you are a cyclist, or a local business owner, or a stakeholder of any kind in Perth County, we really want you to engage with us as we develop our program.”

Lansink adds that Perth County Tourism has a number of outreach plans for the upcoming months to try and gauge how the county can increase the capability of enjoying cycling for residents and touring cycling enthusiasts.

“We’ll be doing a lot of different outreach, including community engagement sessions, some surveys, we might be doing a tourism summit in the fall, and all of these are opportunities to engage with the public.”

Transportation Options/Ontario By Bike are part of the consulting team working with Perth County Tourism on the initiative. To get involved and share your ideas, you can email [email protected].

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