PLATTSBURGH — The Adirondack Coast has released a new and improved travel guide for the first time since before the pandemic.

This signature piece of the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, a division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh, is used to promote the area to visitors across the U.S., Canada and elsewhere in a “fun magazine style layout,” a chamber news release says.

In the absence of a new, fresh travel guide, the Visitors Bureau had been relying on the last released edition in 2020.

“The purpose of the guide is to promote tourism, and with the onset of the pandemic came the halting of all travelers,” Kristy Kennedy, vice president of Marketing and Tourism for the chamber, said.

“In 2020, the consumer was unable to travel for a portion of the year and those who could were skeptical to leave their backyard due to the unknown. Then in 2021, the border remained closed, which meant our May flow of travelers could not get to the Adirondack Coast. We truly started to use the 2020 guide in the fall of 2021, when visitors could start moving around the state and travelers’ confidence was up. Those guides carried us through.”


During the brief hiatus, the Visitors Bureau also took the opportunity to make some much needed updates to the guide’s layout, Kennedy said.

“While the layout is similar to 2019, that was the first time we used this layout,” she said.

“The information had to be drastically updated because the hospitality partners and attraction[s] have changed in the last three years. What and how they are offering their products have changed as well as who is in operation and when. The booklet was published pre-pandemic, (so) you can only imagine how the mindset of our consumer has changed and we needed to meet those needs.”


The revamp was also necessary because of the changing landscape in tourism marketing over the last few years, where social media, storytelling and internet reviews are guiding the way visitors plan their trips, the release said.

This year’s travel guide also helped showcase the Adirondack Coast as an accessible destination for everyone, as the cover features two, local hand cyclists.

“We know this is not all we can do to help develop an inclusive and accessible destination, but we are looking forward to this small gesture to help start a bigger conversation,” the chamber said.

The publication has information like a directory of local tourism partners, popular Adirondack Coast activities that highlight outdoor recreation, agritourism and history, as well as bilingual content, which caters to the area’s strong connection to Montreal.


Some other features of the guide include:

• Reviews from visitors from popular travel platforms like Google, Airbnb and Tripadvisor

• Updated graphics utilizing more user generated content from Instagram

• A shout out to Plattsburgh International’s Contour Airlines service

• Callouts to the Adirondack Coast social media platforms along with popular hashtags

• Interactive history timeline

• “Fun facts” about the local area and attractions

For those interested, Adirondack Coast guides can now be found at (for download or available upon request) or the North Country Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh, the Plattsburgh International Airport, SUNY Plattsburgh, The University of Vermont Health Network – CVPH, local lodging properties, restaurants and attractions, rest areas along Autoroute 15 and I-87 and several other local areas.

“Travelers still request paper guides, I believe they like to be able to get ideas of what they can do, and sift through something, we fill over 7,500 requests each year – that is just off our website and through regional lead generation,” Kennedy said.

“The Adirondack Coast Travel Guide also serves as our signature piece for tradeshows, conferences and other events we attend.”

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