Brussels Airlines and ML Tours, a travel agency specialising in flights between Belgium and the Netherlands to Morocco, have entered into a 3-year partnership. The agreement includes flights between Brussels and four Moroccan destinations: Al Hoceima, Nador, Oujda, and Tangier. The partnership will provide 175,000 seats on these routes and will primarily focus on scheduled flights during the summer season, with the Al Hoceima connection operating year-round as charter flights.

The collaboration aims to cater to VFR travellers (Visiting Friends & Relatives), tourists, and business travellers, offering convenient connections between Brussels Airport and Morocco.

Both parties express their satisfaction with the partnership, with Brussels Airlines seeing it as a way to strengthen its position in the leisure market and contribute to their long-term strategy in this segment. ML Tours views the agreement as a means to increase their flight offerings to the mentioned Moroccan cities while providing a stable passenger base for Brussels Airlines. The partnership is expected to benefit Belgian and Dutch customers alike.

ML Tours has been specialising in travel between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Morocco since 2009.

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