The Danish travel agency, Best Travel, is set to open a new office at Aalborg Airport in the beginning of the new year. They are bidding farewell to their office in Frederikshavn and embarking on a new chapter at the airport, bringing them even closer to their customers and enhancing the personal service when fulfilling travel dreams.

From mid-January 2024, another travel agency will be making its home at Aalborg Airport. It is the Danish travel agency, Best Travel, swapping the northern Jutland setting in Frederikshavn for a central location closer to their customers who commence their journeys from Aalborg Airport.

“We are very excited to move the Best Travel office to Aalborg Airport, as it will significantly strengthen the personal contact with our guests. Our doors are always open, and now the travelers of northern Jutland will have an even better opportunity to drop by the office and discuss their next trip. With such a central location in the airport, we are always accessible to our guests – both when booking their journey, on the day of travel, and when they return from their vacation. At the same time, the move will naturally lead to an increased focus on trips from Aalborg Airport, where we will present more exciting news in 2024,” says Best Travel CEO Rune Thomassen.

Culturally Rich Tours with a Danish Tour Guide all the Way

Since 1999, Best Travel has focused on quality trips to large parts of Europe, and in recent years, cultural tours by air and river cruises have become a significant part of their travel selection. They primarily cater to a mature audience seeking a comprehensive and well-organized cultural journey with a Danish tour guide throughout.

“In recent years, we have seen a greater need for personal contact with the travel agencies when arranging a trip. It is important, and in many ways, it is also part of the travel experience to book the journey. Here at Aalborg Airport, we always focus on providing a good customer experience, so it is delightful that we can welcome another travel agency that enhances the activity and positive experiences at the airport. Best Travel is also an important partner for us, and being under the same roof only strengthens our collaboration for the future,” says CEO Niels Hemmingsen.

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