SALT LAKE CITY — Your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth won’t leave your bank account happy. If you want to see the mouse, you’ll have to shell out some extra money for tickets.

Disneyland announced it is raising admission prices. The price hikes are already in effect on the Disney website and at the park’s ticket booths.

Disneyland offers several varieties of tickets to its guests.

A two-day ticket to the park now costs $285 – a $30 increase over the previous price.

A one-day ticket for the park’s most popular days is increasing by about 9% from $164 to $179.

The Genie+ service, a popular ticket add-on which allows guests to bypass some long lines, is increasing from $20 per ticket, per day to $25.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson for Disneyland pointed to the park’s new experiences and attractions that add to the value of a ticket.

The statement to FOX 13 News said: “Disneyland Resort is always planning the next new idea, attraction, and story. We are so excited to share all the fun in store as the heart of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder anniversary celebration during 2023. Our tiered ticketing structure offers guests more options and choices to visit throughout the year, including our lowest price point – which hasn’t changed since 2019.”

That lowest price point is a “Tier 0” ticket – a one-day ticket for days when the park typically experiences less demand. The price for that ticket is $104. According to the Disneyland website, the next available “Tier 0” date is Monday, January 9, 2023.

A Utah travel agent specializing in Disney vacations says demand from customers remains stronger than ever as many families are eager to make memories after Disneyland was closed for more than a year due to the pandemic.

“With inflation and things how they have been going, it does feel like they are such a premium product,” said Jen Dunyon, chief operating officer of “Get Away Today.” “When you compare it to things like a concert ticket – we went to a concert and I paid that much for a 3-hour block of time or going to ski resorts – these memories and experiences are a premium price and Disney delivers an awesome experience that delivers bang for your buck.”

Dunyon says people are booking their Disneyland vacations more than one year in advance of traveling.

“We always think we have the smartest guests because we have had people since July booking for October 2023,” she said. “They know a price increase comes and they don’t want to spend extra. If you have a family of five, this could be an extra $400 or even more.”

Booking early has its advantages.

Right now, travel agents like Get Away Today can sell tickets at the previous, lower prices for 10 days.

She says until Thursday, October 20, travelers who purchase tickets through Get Away Today will receive the prices that were in effect before Tuesday’s announced increases.

Those tickets are valid until January 12, 2024.

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