This November, Fogo Island Inn will be offering a unique curation of culinary events that blend the local and the global through collaborations between Chef Charles and visiting chefs. Collaborators include James Beard Award-winning chef, author, and restaurateur Hugh Acheson; Canada’s leading cheese expert and the world’s youngest maître fromager, Afrim Pristine; as well as icon of the new Australian Cuisine and Josephine Pignolet Award-winning chef Mark Best.

At Fogo Island Inn, food is the medium through which nature and culture come together to express place. The culinary team, led by Executive Chef Tim Charles, continuously reimagines Fogo Island’s wild bounty and foodways through contemporary cuisine. Charles’ approach to food is balanced, thoughtful and deeply connected to the overall experience of travelers. Designed to be nourishing, energizing and holistic, the dining experience Chef Charles has created is intrinsically connected to the sights, sounds and traditions of the island.

Since being appointed this past spring, Chef Charles has overseen culinary innovation beginning with the inaugural Labrador Current Foodways residency program in partnership with Fogo Island Arts exploring the interconnectedness of food with our histories, ecologies, economies, politics, and social worlds. Chef Charles’ deep personal interest in Fogo Island – the place, community, and history – as well as his respect for local eating traditions and culinary practices, make Charles well suited to drive the ongoing evolution of Fogo Island Inn’s culinary program.

Here’s an example of some of the upcoming culinary events at Fogo Island Inn.

Culinary Adventure With Chef Hugh Acheson

Explore the foodways of Fogo Island with Chef Hugh Acheson. Experience the camaraderie of a traditional boil-up, cooked over an open fire with Community Hosts. Take a nature hike and wild tea tasting with an Outdoor Adventure Guide. And try making jam and jelly with locally harvested berries, or relax over a sherry tasting. The event will begin with an intimate reception with Chef Hugh and the Inn’s Executive Chef Tim Charles and will culminate with a special supper (with optional wine pairings), inspired by the island’s natural larder—created by Chef Hugh Acheson and executed by the Fogo Island Kitchen Team. November 18th-21st.

A 4-Day Cheese Feast With Afrim Pristine

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Fogo Island Inn with Canada’s leading cheese expert and the world’s youngest maître fromager, Afrim Pristine to stretch out the traditional indulgence of the holiday, with four glorious days of cheese. Afrim will be offering a variety of adventures in cheese, sharing his expertise and knowledge of mouth-watering, rare, and celebrated cheeses through paired dinners, guided tastings and community experiences. Guests can also enjoy a turkey supper with a North Atlantic twist, which includes the traditional roast bird, locally harvested root vegetables, Fogo Island’s world-renowned seafood, and (of course) traditional pie to follow. November 24th-28th.

Fogo Island Foodways With Chef Mark Best

Join Chef Mark Best for a rich and varied experience to delve deep into the traditional foodways of Fogo Island, from a boil-up to a root cellar visit to a wild tea tasting. You’ll also go on a photography hike in nature with Chef Mark Best, whose talents with a camera rival his creativity in the kitchen. There will also be a Q+A with Chef Mark Best and the Inn’s own Timothy Charles, as well as a book signing with Mark. The event will begin with cocktails at an intimate welcome reception hosted by Chef Mark Best and the Inn’s Executive Chef Tim Charles and will end with a very special supper (with optional wine pairings), informed by the culinary guest of honor’s time on Fogo Island and executed by the Fogo Island Kitchen Team. March 24th-27th.

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