Buying a ticket to a sea resort with a significant discount brings double pleasure: a wonderful vacation and a pleasant saving for the family budget. In the winter season of 2023-2024, hot tours to Egypt departing from the European airports closest to the borders of Ukraine can easily be bought online on the website of the ANEX Tour travel agency. What to pay attention to when choosing a tour in the online catalog?

Where to fly from to rest in Egypt

The online travel agency ANEX Tour has collected the best hot tours to Egypt from reliable Ukrainian and Polish tour operators in its catalog. Searching for a tour starts with specifying the departure airport in the online search bar. At the time of writing, tours with departures from 24 airports are presented.

Buying a tour to Egypt is available online throughout Ukraine and Europe. Before searching for a ticket online on the website of the ANEX Tour travel agency, you should choose an airport that is easier and cheaper to get to. It always makes sense to compare the prices of tickets departing from different airports, the difference sometimes reaches several thousand hryvnias.

It is profitable to buy hot tours to Egypt with an early departure

Most vouchers for Ukrainian tourists to Egyptian hotels are all-inclusive with meals. Room check-in is officially from 14.00, from this moment the countdown of rest nights in Egypt begins.

If the plane departs from the European airport at 4-5 o’clock in the morning, after a 3-3.5 hour flight to Hurghada, Marsa Alam or Sharm el-Sheikh and a transfer from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours included in the ticket price, tourists get to the hotel at around 8-10 in the morning.

The Red Sea beaches are open after dawn. Experienced tourists pack a beach kit in advance: change clothes and in a few minutes you are swimming in the sea with a water temperature of +25-26°С.

A hot tour to Egypt is a profitable vacation in a high-class hotel

Discount tickets are the forced sale by tour operators of rooms in hotels with high ratings. Before the start of the season, they are tested for service quality and safety. Such hotels are at a standstill until the beginning of the high winter season in Egypt: there are no tickets.

A burning tour to Egypt is a real opportunity to relax in an all-inclusive hotel with full infrastructure:

  1. beautiful territory and private beaches;
  2. several restaurants and bars;
  3. separate pools for children, adults, slides or water parks;
  4. SPA and sports centers, children’s clubs, interesting animation;
  5. compliments from the hotel on a birthday or for newlyweds.

Discount on tickets in hot tours in the range of 5-25%; The higher the class of the hotel, the bigger the discount. The difference between burning tours to budget and high-class hotels in Egypt is only a few thousand hryvnias. A smart purchase is compensated by wonderful memories of a comfort and premium class vacation.

Personal selection of a tour to Egypt is a guarantee of fulfilled expectations

It is unpleasant to find yourself in an Egyptian hotel with constant low tides, without a home reef or the opportunity to stroll through the local markets in the evening.

The personal selection of the tour takes into account the requests of specific tourists:

  • 16+ category hotel or with a children’s menu in restaurants;
  • a reliable stationary pier and a home coral reef or a convenient beach for bathing children;
  • the desire to visit the pyramids or Abu Simbel (the distance between them is 846 km);
  • the dream is to take a selfie on the island of Utopia, in El Goun, with a dugong or in the Ras Mohammed Marine Reserve.

A winter vacation in Egypt is a gift to yourself and your loved ones. Choose hot tour the website online tour agency – is an opportunity to realize a dream with minimal expenses, here and now.

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