Traveling can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. It allows folks to relax and engage with different cultures and people—an act that can be altogether transformative.

But like most things in life, the planning process for a vacation can be something that lends itself to a little bit of stress.

With this in mind, People Chica checked with the wonderfully knowledgeable JetBlue Vacations Travel Experts to see how we can make the vacation planning process easier.

Getty Images / CentralITAlliance JetBlue Vacations Travel Experts shares how to plan the perfect vacation.

Be Judicious During Planning Time

One of the many tips travels experts suggest is to always book early when possible. JetBlue Vacations Travel Experts note that more and more hotels and destinations are being booked earlier and earlier by folks who want to ensure they get their spot.

Don’t have the dough up front? Don’t sweat it. Services like jetblue-vacations/pay-monthly” data-ylk=”slk:MarcusPay” class=”link “>MarcusPay, that’s powered by Goldman Sachs, allow you to set up a payment plan so you can pay down your vacation in the months leading up to it.

Another way you can get more bang for your buck? Bundle your vacation package.

Use Tech to Help Make Things Easier

Many travel websites, like JetBlue Vacations, allow travel planners to compare price points across a range of dates and destinations so that they can book the best possible deal.

Apps like Troupe also make planning vacations with a large group of family and friends a breeze as it allows you to group everything together in one place.

Worried about whether you will have enough activities at your destination? Tools like Paisly are here to help ease the stress of planning all of that out.

Always Get Travel Insurance

In today’s travel climate—with airline cancelations and everything in between—it is vital that you stay protected. Ensuring that your vacation and flight arrangements are safe is always a smart way to not get caught off guard in case a rainy day decides to appear.

When Possible, Don’t Limit Yourself

Whether you take the plunge or not, always check in on the price difference between a regular room and a deluxe room (depending on the time of year, you could be surprised).

Even with the small price difference, the experience between the regular lodging and the deluxe lodging could add more texture to a vacation, JetBlue Vacations Travel Experts assert.

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